Shivling - West Ridge - 2012

Valery Rosov BASE jumps from Shivling, in the Gangotri region of the Indian Himalaya.

First BASE jump from Shivling

Shivling ( 6543m ) ascended via West Ridge

Himalaya, India

25 May 2012

Climbed by Valery Rozov, Alexander Ruchkin, Victor Volodin

Valery Rozov , Alexander Ruchkin and Victor Volodin reached the summit on 25 May via the West Ridge - the first Russian ascent of Shivling. From a position (6420m) on the north face a little below the summit, Rozov made his jump using a wingsuit and parachute. He landed near Tapovan 90 seconds later.

The jump was at first incorrectly publicised as a world record for the highest altitude BASE jump. In fact, the record is held by Glenn Singleman and Heather Swan, who jumped from Meru Peak (6600m) in 2006.

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Mountain Facts

Shivling, India

N 30° 52′ 49.1232″ W 79° 3′ 48.2796″

Elevation: 6543m