Koh-e-Rant - East Ridge - 2012

Koh-e-Rant ( 6000m ) via East Ridge

Hindu Kush, Afghanistan

2 August 2012

Climbed by Pat Deavoll, Maryrose Fowlie

Other members of the expedition: Bill Byrch

New Zealanders Pat Deavoll and Maryrose Fowlie climbed Koh-e-Rant, in the Wakhan Corridor of Afghanistan, from the Upper Qala Panja Glacier. The peak was a substitute for the expedition's original objective, Rohazon Zom, which the climbers judged too long and technical for their team.

The icefall barring access to the upper part of the glacier proved to be time-consuming, but the the final climb along the east ridge of Koh-e-Rant was described by Pat Deavoll as "very straight forward."

The ascent was at the time thought by the climbers to be the possible first ascent of Koh-e-Rant. However, the mountain had in fact been climbed by a French expedition (Henri Agresti and Isabelle Agresti) in August 1968. They referred to the peak as Koh-e-Rank.

Pat Deavoll says "Koh-e-Rant is somewhere between 5850m and 6050m depending on maps and my altimeter."

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Mountain Facts

Koh-e-Rant, Afghanistan

N 36° 50′ 16.6164″ W 72° 35′ 24.9072″

Elevation: 6000m