Bhagirathi III - The Seed of Madness - 2011

Italian climbers establish a new route up Bhagirathi III, a mountain in the Gangotri region of the Indian Himalaya - but difficult conditions prevent them reaching the summit of the mountain.

Bhagirathi III ( 6454m )

First ascent of The Seed of Madness

Route completed without continuing to the summit

Himalaya, India

1250m, WI5+ M6/M7 A2+

16 September 2011

Climbed by Daniele Nardi, Roberto Delle Monache

Nardi and Delle Monache set off during the night on 13 September and returned to Base Camp on 16 September, 64 hours later after having bivvied twice. They reached the summit crest but due to difficult conditions retreated about 200m below the summit of Bhagirathi III.

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Mountain Facts

Bhagirathi III, India

N 30° 52′ 2.8452″ W 79° 8′ 7.9836″

Elevation: 6454m