Privacy Policy

General Information

  • This policy covers what personally identifiable information the Himalaya Masala website collects and how it is treated. Personally identifiable information is information that can be used to identify visitors to the website. This information may be limited to an IP address or extend to personally identifiable information such as your name, address, email address, or phone number.
  • This policy applies to Himalaya Masala (our website) and to anyone authorised by us to assist with the administration of our website or information collected from it. The policy does not extend to the practices of other websites that we may link to, to the company or companies that host our website or to any other organisations or individuals unless they have been explicitly instructed by us to collect or manage information on our behalf.
  • Information that you provide may be shared with people involved in the administration of our website.
  • Except as stated above, information that you provide will not knowingly be made available to anyone except with your explicit permission or under legal compulsion.
  • We will take reasonable, proportionate steps to prevent unauthorised access to information that you provide. However, we cannot guarantee the security/privacy of information you provide, and cannot be responsible for breaches of security.
  • Information you provide may be held in databases of various kinds, including electronic databases. In supplying information to us, you grant permission for it to be stored in this way and treated as described above.
  • IP addresses and other data (browser, computing platform etc) about visitors to our site are logged by our web host, in line with practices that are standard in the industry. We may download, store and analyse this information, subject to the provisions set out above. We do not own or control the server on which our website is hosted. We accept no responsibility for the handling by the company that hosts our website of data logged by them.
  • As a consequence of the normal operation of the internet, IP addresses and other data (browser, computing platform etc) are also available to third parties who serve content or advertisements to pages on our website. The only third parties who serve such material on our website are Amazon and Google. Amazon handles information in accordance with the terms of its privacy notices, which can be found here for the Amazon UK Site, here for the Amazon FR Site and here for the US site. Google's privacy policy can be found here.


A cookie is a string of information that a website stores on a visitor's computer, and that can be accessed by the visitor's browser.

Cookies are used by the Himalaya Masala website to support the normal operation and the functionality of the website, for example by tracking logins and sessions and by gathering information about the technologies supported and enabled by your browser.

Social media websites - Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus - set cookies when you visit pages on our website that include buttons to allow you to share content with these sites. These cookies are not necessary for basic functioning of our website, but they are necessary if you wish to engage with these social media.

Additionally, third parties that provide advertisements to the Himalaya Masala website may set cookies when you visit some pages on website. These cookies are not necessary for the functioning of the website. They assist advertisers in placing appropriate and relevant. advertisements on the website. Advertisement that may involve the use of use of cookies are provided by Google and Adbrite.

Google uses cookies to serve ads based on your prior visits to this website. It also uses a cookie called the DART cookie to enable it to serve ads based on your visits to other sites on the Internet as well as to this site. Adbrite sets cookies for a similar purpose. You can opt out of the "DART" cookie and/or opt out of Adbrite behaviour cookies even if you choose to accept other cookies. Adbrite also uses to enable it to serve ads based on your visits to other sites on the Internet as well as to this site.

When you visit the Himalaya Masala website, you will see a message at the bottom of your browser window inviting you to accept cookies.

If you click YES, cookies will be set in line with your browser's cookie settings.

If you don't click YES, non-essential cookies (including cookies from social media websites and from Google and Adbrite) won't be set. Social media share buttons won't be shown. Advertisements from Google and Adbrite won't be shown. Cookies needed to support the normal operation and the functionality of the website will be set in line with your browser's cookie settings.

Using your browser's cookie settings

You can use your browser's settings to choose how to deal with cookies

  • You can set your browser to reject all cookies (not recommended). If you do this, some features of the site may not work properly
  • You can set your browser to reject all "third party cookies." Your browser will then accept cookies set by the Himalaya Masala website, but will reject cookies set by Google while you are browsing our website, even if you have selected "YES" in response to our cookie invitation. In this case you will still see advertisements from Google and adbrite, but you may find that they are less appropriate to your interests.

Opting out of the "DART" cookie

You can opt out of the use of the DART cookie by visiting the Google's advertising opt-out page or the Network Advertising Initiative opt-out page.

Opting out of Adbrite cooles

You can use Adbrite's Opt-Out tool or or the Network Advertising Initiative opt-out page to instruct Adbrite not to set cookies or store information for the purpose uf targeting advertisements to you. Note that:

  • Because the Opt-Out Cookie is a Cookie-based solution, it will not function if you disable all Cookies at the browser level. Likewise, if you set an Opt-Out Cookie and then later delete all Cookies from your browser, you will also delete the Opt-Out Cookie and Adbrite will begin to collect Viewer Data from you again until you set a new Opt-Out Cookie.
  • Setting an Opt-Out Cookie will not block Adbrite from setting Cookies on your browser that collect Session Data and Viewer Data that is not used to target Ads to you.
  • An Opt-Out Cookie is specific to one browser. If you set an Opt-Out Cookie on one browser and then use another browser from the same computer, the Opt-Out Cookie will not stop the second browser from accepting Cookies from Adbrite that collect Viewer Data.