Shivling from the South-East

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Photo of Shivling from the south-east

N 30° 52′ 49.2564″ W 79° 3′ 49.3596″
Photographed in November 1996
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Shivling (6543m) seen from the junction of Gangotri and Kirti glaciers, to the south-east

The snowy peak at the right of the photo is the lower South-West Summit (6501m) of Shivling. It was first climbed in 1983 by British climbers Chris Bonington and Jim Fotheringham. They took the south-west ridge - the ridge of rock and snow descending diagonally rightwards from the South-West Summit in this picture.

The south-east face, directly below the main summit of Shivling in this photo, was climbed by a Japanese team (Masaki Nakao, Kenji Ohama and Masami Yamagata) in 1983. Their route took the left-hand side of the face. Near the top they traversed leftwards to join the south-west ridge.

The photo was taken while trekking up the Gangotri Glacier, past Tapovan