Bhagirathi III

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Photo of Bhagirathi III

Bhagirathi III

N 30° 52′ 6.4272″ W 79° 8′ 4.1244″
Photographed in November 1996
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Bhagirathi III, seen from the left bank of the Gangotri Glacier.

Bhagirathi III (6454m) was first climbed in 1933 by Charles Warren and Colin Kirkus. Their route is invisible from this viewpoint. The South-West Pillar, in the sunshine on the right of the picture, was first climbed by Scots Allen Fyffe and Bob Barton in 1982. The West Pillar, on the left of the picture, was first climbed in 1984 by Spaniards Juan Aldeguer, Segio Martinez, Jose Moreno and Juan Tomas. The shadowed West Face between the two pillars was first climbed in 1989 by Slovenians Silvo Karo and Jamez Jeglic - probably the hardest climb achieved in the Indian Himalaya up to that time.

The Bhagirathi peaks are named after the mythical King Bhagiratha, who called the River Ganga down to earth to wash the ashes and the sins of his ancestors.

The photo was taken from the left (south) bank of the Gangotri Glacier, while we were camping at Tapovan