Beside Shivling

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Photo of Julia Beside Shivling


 Uttarakhand India
N 30° 52′ 49.2564″ W 79° 3′ 49.3596″
Photographed in November 1996
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Julia at the foot of Shivling, photographed from Tapovan, on the bank of the Gangotri Glacier. Shivling (6543m) was first climbed in 1974 by a team from the Indo-Tibet Border Police. Their route took the west ridge, seen on the right of the photo. The mountain has subsequently hosted numerous ascents by a variety of routes. The north spur, dividing light from shadow in this picture, was climber by Thomas Huber and Iwan Wolf in 2000. It was a groundbreaking ascent and won the Piolets d'Or prize in 2001 Another view of the northern flank of Shivling For more about Shivling, Tapovan and Gangotri, read Mountain Spirits.