Climbs in 2013

  • First winter ascent of Laila Peak (6096m)

    West Face

    18 February 2013

    Climbed by José Fernandez , Alex Txikon

    Karakoram mountains, Pakistan
  • First winter ascent of Broad Peak (8051m)

    Normal Route

    5 March 2013

    Climbed by Maciej Berbeka , Adam Bielecki , Tomasz Kowalski , Artur Małek

    Maciej Berbeka and Tomasz Kowalski have disappeared on Broad Peak, having made the first winter ascent of the mountain on 5 March with Adam Bielecki and Artur Małek.

    Karakoram mountains, Pakistan
  • Gandharva Chuli (6248m)

    First ascent of southwest face / west ridge

    Route completed without continuing to the summit

    6 May 2013

    Climbed by Cosmin Andron , Cristina Pogacean

    Himalaya mountains, Nepal
  • Talung Peak (7349m)

    First ascent of Thumba Party

    19 May 2013

    Climbed by Marek Holeček , Zdeněk Hrubý

    Himalaya mountains, Nepal

    Nominated for the Piolets d'Or 2014

    Two Czech mountaineers have made an alpine-style ascent of a new route on the north face of Talung Peak, on the Nepal-Sikkim border. It is only the fourth time that the mountain has been climbed.
  • First ascent of Peak 6080m (6080m)

    southwest ridge

    20 June 2013

    Climbed by Andy Nisbet , Susan Jensen , Robert Adams , Bob Hamilton , Steve Kennedy

    Himalaya mountains, India
    A Scottish expedition has made the first ascent of an un-named peak in an area of Himachal Pradesh that had not previously been explored by mountaineers. The mountain is close to the border between HP and the Zanskar area of Jannu and Kashmir.
  • Broad Peak (8051m)

    First ascent of Iranian Route

    16 July 2013

    Climbed by Aidin Bozorgi , Pouya Keivan , Mojtaba Jarabi

    Iranian climbers Aidin Bozorgi, Pouya Keivan and Mojtaba Jarabi died on Broad Peak after completing a new route on the southwest face

    Karakoram mountains, Pakistan
  • First ascent of Kunyang Chhish East (7400m)

    Southwest Face

    18 July 2013

    Climbed by Hansjörg Auer , Matthias Auer , Simon Anthamatten

    Karakoram mountains, Pakistan

    Nominated for the Piolets d'Or 2014

    Climbers fromSwitzerland and Austria have made the first ascent of Kunyang Chhish East in the Hispar area of Pakistan's Karakoram mountains.
  • Uli Biaho Tower (6109m)

    First ascent of West Face

    21 July 2013

    Climbed by Matteo Della Bordella , Luca Schiera , Silvan Schüpbach

    Karakoram mountains, Pakistan
  • First ascent of K6 West (7040m)

    North-West Face

    29 July 2013

    Climbed by Rafael Slawinski , Ian Welsted

    Karakoram mountains, Pakistan

    Joint winner of the Piolets d'Or 2014

    Canadian climbers Rafael Slawinski and Ian Welsted have made the first ascent of K6 West in the Charakusa Valley of Pakistan's Karakoram mountains. The mountain had previously rebuffed several attempts by strong teams.
  • First ascent of Plateau Peak (7287m)

    West Ridge

    31 July 2013

    Climbed by Debraj Datta , Subrate De , Pradeep Ch Sahoo , Prasanta Gorai , Dawa Sherpa , Lakpa Norbu Sherpa , Lakpa Tenzing Sherpa , Mingma Sherpa , Phurba Sherpa

    Karakoram mountains, India
  • Trango Tower (6239m) via Slovenian Route

    1 August 2013

    Climbed by Eugeny Bashkirtsev , Denis Veretenin

    Karakoram mountains, Pakistan
  • Trango Tower (6239m) via Eternal Flame

    12 August 2013

    Climbed by Mi Sun Chae , Mi Sun Han , Jin Ah Lee , Jum Sook Kim

    Karakoram mountains, Pakistan
  • Uli Biaho Tower (6109m)

    First ascent of Veretenin-Bashkirtsev Route

    August 2013

    Climbed by Denis Veretenin , Eugeny Bashkirtsev

    Karakoram mountains, Pakistan
  • Great Trango (6286m)

    First ascent of Bushido

    19 August 2013

    Climbed by Marek Raganowicz , Marcin Tomaszewski

    Karakoram mountains, Pakistan
    Two Polish climbers have established a new "big wall" route on Great Trango.
  • First ascent of Chamsen Kangri (7017m)

    West Ridge

    21 August 2013

    Climbed by Divyesh Muni , Vineeta Muni , Susan Jensen , Victor Saunders , Samgyal Sherpa , Mingma Sherpa , Ang Dorji , Chedar Sherpa , Dawa Sherpa , Karma Sherpa

    Karakoram mountains, India
    A team of Indian and British climbers made the first ascent of Chamsen Kangri in the Saser Kangri massif of the Eastern Karakoram mountains, Ladakh. Andy Parkin was injured by an avalanche on the approach to the climb and had to be evacuated by helicopter.