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Peter Matthiessen: A True Warrior

12 May 2014
Snow Leopard

"He fought for the poor and the weary, the sick, and anyone who had problems that were brought to his attention. He took time from his own life to try to help them in whatever way he could. He ALWAYS gave freely when someone needed anything, fought for those who were being mistreated.

...Native People need to know, we owe a great debt to this man, Peter Matthiessen. He was a very brave man, a true warrior. He battled HARD for us as a people. He fought tirelessly for my freedom." - Leonard Peltier, 6 April 2014.

Peter Matthiessen died of leukemia on 5 April 2014, at the age of 86. He had written over 30 books. The work that readers interested in the Himalaya are most likely to know is The Snow Leopard. But if that is the only one of his books that you have read, you have probably missed the point of the man.