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Reporting Pakistan - Terrorism and Travel after the Nanga Parbat Massacre

6 September 2013
Polo match in Gilgit

In an article on this blog about the Nanga Parbat massacre I said that political violence in Pakistan is becoming increasingly xenophobic. Someone in Pakistan retorted with a tweet alleging that my article was xenophobic.

My accuser isn't a member of the Pakistan Taliban. She is a journalist called Sumaira Jajja, who works for Pakistan's Dawn newspaper. Her track record includes some valuable articles on human rights issues and sectarian violence.

Her accusation is arguably defamatory. So why has she made it?

270,000 British nationals visit Pakistan each year. But the British government is now advising against travel to large parts of Pakistan. The US government is advising against non-essential travel anywhere in Pakistan. The economic consequences may be serious. But that's no excuse for trying to smear an article about the real problems that Pakistan faces.