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Support staff mandatory for trekkers in Nepal

4 August 2012

Another blow to the kind of trekking I like best...

The Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN) says that from September 2012 the Nepalese government will require all trekkers to be accompanied by support staff (porter or guide). The rule has allegedly been introduced for the safety of trekkers.

Mohan Lamsal, general secretary of TAAN, said “The decision will help promote Nepal as a safe destination for tourists at a time when international media are questioning the safety of foreigners in Nepal.”

Supping with the Devil in Tibet and Syria

14 August 2012
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You need a long spoon to sup with the Devil. The Devil knows that you know that. So when he invites you to dinner he makes sure to provide you with a nice long spoon. And, if he can, he makes sure that it's not quite long enough to keep your soul safe.

At the moment no one is seated more precariously at the Devil's table than the people of Tibet and Syria.

Nepal rethinks solo trekking ban

26 August 2012
Nepal rethinks solo trekking ban

Apparently common sense is winning, at least for the moment. The Nepal Government says it has put its earlier decision to ban solo trekking on hold until further notice.

News from Lhasa?

26 August 2012
Pilgrims in Lhasa

Chinese artist and dissident Ai Wei Wei says he "would feel ashamed to go" to Lhasa. The city seems to be in a state of near-lockdown. Have you been there in the last few months? Please tell us about it.

Ai Wei Wei recently told the US-based Foreign Policy magazine that he has never been to Lhasa. He said:

"I would feel ashamed to go. I think to respect [the Tibetans] is not to touch them, to leave them alone. "