Yamunotri Temple

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Photo of Yamunotri Temple


 Uttarakhand India
N 31° 1′ 8.112″ W 78° 24′ 40.878″
Photographed in November 1996
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Photo of Yamunotri Temple, Garhwal Himalaya.


New visitor to your blog; but

New visitor to your blog; but felt like hainvg known you for a long time because we have something in common - the love for Himalayas. I have been travelling and trekking in those parts for more than 25 years, but still has the same excitement when my eyes fall on the first snow clad peak. Btw, you could've given a better picture of Neelakanta. Many readers have mistaken the rock outcrop in the foreground to be the peak. Next time you go to Badri, take a walk through the path behind and to the left of the temple and you can get a closer and grander view of the peak. Your love and enthusiasm for Himalayas is evident in your writing. Thanks for sharing it!

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