Stone Pelting in Srinagar

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Photo of stone pelters, Srinagar, Kashmir


 Jammu and Kashmir India
N 34° 6′ 1.5624″ W 74° 48′ 31.158″
Photographed in November 2010
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Young stone pelters in Srinagar, Kashmir


Plagiarism, false identity and racism

A comment posted here today was copied from elsewhere on the web, displayed a racist attitude to Kashmiris, suggested that the Indian Army has God on it's side and used an apparently false profile link. So No, it hasn't been published.

If you want your comment to be published here, first make that sure it is your own and that it isn't a duplicates. If you want to be anonymous, just leave your profile link blank, don't steal someone else's identity

Avoiding offensive and racist comments would help, too.

Spam is unfortunately normal and won't be allowed here. Apparently substantive comment that is plagiarised and/or misidentified is a new trend. Quit it!

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