Talung Peak - West Flank - South Col - 1964

First ascent of Talung Peak ( 7349m )

West Flank - South Col

Himalaya, Nepal

18 May 1964

Climbed by Franz Lindner, Tensing Nindra, Richard Hechtel, Dieter Mardicke

Other members of the expedition: Erhard Erdmann, Bernhard Kubanek

Talung, in the Kanchenjunga area of the Nepal Himalaya, was climbed for the first time by a German expedition in 1964.

They established a base camp beneath the western flank of the mountain after a long and difficult approach. Three further camps were establishes, with a final camp at 6690m, about 300m below the south col of Talung. The summit was reached on 18 May by Franz Lindner, Tensing Nindra, Richard Hechtel and Dieter Mardicke.

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Mountain Facts

Talung Peak, Kangchenjunga Himal , Nepal

N 27° 39′ 17.6688″ W 88° 7′ 51.114″

Elevation: 7349m

Talung Peak on the map

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