Shiepra - Maaji - 2014

Swiss trio make the first ascent of a peak in the Kishtwar Himalaya, India and give it the name Shiepra

First ascent of Shiepra ( 5885m )


Himalaya, India

700m, WI3 IV

16 September 2014

Climbed by Stephan Siegrist, Thomas Senf, Dres Abegglen

Stephan Siegrist, Thomas Senf and Dres Abegglen have made the first ascent of a previously unnamed 5885m peak in Kishtwar. They named the peak Shiepra at the suggestion of their liaison officer, Ran Jan. Shiepra is a Hindu goddess.

Their route takes a line up the south face of the mountain and involved a bivi at 5100m. They encountered difficulties up to WI3, IV, with 75° ice. The climbers descended over the West Ridge, via a series of abseils followed by a 50° ice slope.

After their ascent of Shiepra, the team went on to make the first ascent of another unnamed peak, which they called Kharagosa, and then created a new route on Kishtwar Shivling.

  • Climbing Maaji, Shiepra
    Climbing Maaji, Shiepra | Thomas Senf
  • Shiepra (5885m)
    Shiepra (5885m) | Thomas Senf
  • Shiepra - Maaji
    Shiepra - Maaji | Thomas Senf
  • Base Camp, Kishtwar
    Base Camp, Kishtwar | Thomas Senf

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Mountain Facts

Shiepra, Kishtwar, Jammu and Kashmir , India

The map location of this peak is uncertain


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