Saserling - South Face - 2011

Janet Bergman and Freddie Wilkinson made the first ascent of a previously unnamed peak of 6100m that they have called Saserling, above the South Shukpa Kungchung Glacier in the eastern karakoram, India

Saserling ( 6100m ) via South Face

Karakoram, India

350m, 5.9+

6 August 2011

Climbed by Janet Bergman, Freddie Wilkinson

Other members of the expedition: Emilie Drinkwater, Kirsten Kremer, Mark Richey, Steve Swenson, Chewang Motup, Konchok Thinles, Pemba Norbu Sherpa, Dhan Singh Harkotia, Jamgla Tashi Phunchok, Tshering Sherpa

Janet Bergman and Freddie Wilkinson made the first ascent of an unnamed peak of 6100m above the South Shukpa Kungchung Glacier, near Saser Kangri III. Their route took "a beautiful south-facing, seven-pitch rock rib" (Janet Bergman).

They have proposed the name Saserling for the peak.

The ascent was carried out in the course of an Indo-American expedition that culminated in the ascent of Saser Kangri II.

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Mountain Facts

Saserling, Jammu and Kashmir , India

N 34° 47′ 4.1388″ W 77° 48′ 15.696″

Elevation: 6100m

Saserling on the map

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