Pt 6150 - northwest ridge - 2012

The unnamed Pt 6150 in the Giabul Nala area of Zanskar, India was climbed by Geoff Cohen and Des Rubens from the Scottish Zanskar Expedition.

Pt 6150 ( 6150m ) via northwest ridge

Himalaya, India

17 August 2012

Climbed by Geoff Cohen, Des Rubens

Other members of the expedition: Bob Hamilton, Susan Jensen, Steve Kennedy, Andy Nisbet

The unnamed Pt 6150 in the Giabul Nala area of Zanskar was climbed by its northwest ridge by Geoff Cohen and Des Rubens.

"From the col between G18 and Pt 6150 , exposed snow slopes on the south flank of were climbed for four pitches, until the NW ridge of the mountain was rejoined at a rocky section. The arête was followed to a prominent level section, after which an easier-angled snow ridge led to the top."
Expedition report

The ascent was accomplished in the course of the Scottish Zanskar Expedition. G23 (5750m) was also climbed by members of the expedition, as was a small peak of 5650m, climbed in the course of unsucessful attempt on the peak called "G22" by Kimikazu Sakamoto in his exploration of the valley.

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Mountain Facts

Pt 6150, Giabul Nala, Zanskar, Jammu and Kashmir , India

N 32° 59′ 39.3612″ W 77° 3′ 15.4296″

Elevation: 6150m

Pt 6150 on the map

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