Nanga Parbat - Diamir Face - 2012

Simone Moro and Denis Urubko reached an altitude of 6600m while attempting to make the first winter ascent of Nanga Parbat

Attempt on Nanga Parbat ( 8126m ) via Diamir Face

Himalaya, Pakistan

26 January 2012

Climbed by Simone Moro, Denis Urubko

Other members of the expedition: Matteo Zanga

Simone Moro and Denis Urubko reached an altitude of 6600m on Nanga Parbat while attempting the first winter ascent of Nanga Parbat. They were accompanied to the base of the mountain by photographer Matteo Zanga.

The climbers were attempting the Diamir Face of the mountain, but decided instead of following the Kinshofer route (the normal route), to instead take the line further left attempted by Messner and Eisendle in 2000. They anticipated that this would avoid the need for fixed ropes.

On 26 February they established Camp 3 at 6600m and then, with the onset of bad weather, returned to base camp. An expected two-day period of fine weather failed to materialise, and on 14 February, with further snowfall forecast, they abandoned the expedition.

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Mountain Facts

Nanga Parbat, Gilgit-Baltistan , Pakistan

N 35° 14′ 14.5752″ W 74° 35′ 20.6052″

Elevation: 8126m

Nanga Parbat on the map

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