Lugzl Pombo - northeast flank - 2012

Rajesh Gadgil, Nima Thondup, Pemba Norbu and Divyesh Muni have made the first ascent of Lugzl Pombo, a 6414m peak in Ladakh, India.

Lugzl Pombo ( 6414m ) via northeast flank

Karakoram, India

20 August 2012

Climbed by Rajesh Gadgil, Nima Thondup, Pemba Norbu, Divyesh Muni

Other members of the expedition: Vineeta Muni, Aditi Gadgil, Lt. Col. Shamsher Singh

An expedition sponsored by the Himalayan Club visited the Ang Tung (Angtung) mountain range in the eastern Karakoram, Ladakh in August 2012. They  approached via the Koh Lungpa (Ku Longpa) valley. The valley had not previously been visited by any mountaineering expedition. It runs northwards from Pangong Lake (Pangong Tso), with the Ang Tung forming the east wall of the valley, dividing it from the Shyok valley to the west. The team reached the mountains by a two-day trek from Yurgo village.

Lugzl Pombo ( 6414 m) appears to be the peak marked with a spot height of 21059 ft on the US Army U502 map (sheet NI-44-05)

Rajesh Gadgil, Nima Thondup, Pemba Norbu and Divyesh Muni approached the peak via its northern and eastern flanks, fixing ropes for a total of about 650m of their route. They reached the summit on 20 August.

Members of the expedition also climbed nearby Petze Kangri.

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Mountain Facts

Lugzl Pombo, Ang Tung mountains, Jammu and Kashmir , India

N 34° 6′ 35.8452″ W 78° 17′ 54.0924″

Elevation: 6414m

Lugzl Pombo on the map

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