Laila Peak - West Face - 2013

In August 2013 Carlos Suárez made the first BASE jump from Laila Peak (6096m) in the Karakoram mountains, Pakistan

First BASE jump from Laila Peak

Laila Peak ( 6096m ) ascended via West Face

Karakoram, Pakistan

22 August 2013

Climbed by Carlos Suárez, Ramón Portilla, Darío Barrio

Carlos Suárez has made the first BASE jump from Laila Peak in the Karakoram mountains, Pakistan.

He reached the summit via the normal route with Ramón Portilla and Darío Barrio and then jumped from a level spot about 2 metres below the top. A few minutes later he landed safely at the expedition's base camp, 2000 metres below.

Darío Barrio had hoped to descend by wingsuit, but found that Laila Peak provided insufficient height clearance for this style of descent. Had the situation proved suitable for wingsuit descent, Carlos and Darío would have had to decide which of the two of them would jump, and which one would descend conventionally with Ramón.

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Mountain Facts

Laila Peak, Hushe Valley, Pakistan

N 35° 35′ 28.4136″ W 76° 26′ 33.1008″

Elevation: 6096m

Laila Peak on the map

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