Kharagosa - Pinky - 2014

Three climbers from Switzerland have made the first ascent of a previously unnamed 5840m peak in Kishtwar, naming it Kharagosa

First ascent of Kharagosa ( 5840m )


Himalaya, India

1000m, M4 6a

21 September 2014

Climbed by Stephan Siegrist, Thomas Senf, Dres Abegglen

Stephan Siegrist, Thomas Senf and Dres Abegglen have made the first ascent of a previously unnamed 5840m peak in Kishtwar. They named the peak Kharagosa ("rabbit") because of its appearance. Their route, called Pinky, takes a line up the east face of the mountain.

After a bivouac at 4800m below the North East Face, the team crossed the glacier to the base of the East Face and them ascended 1000m over tricky, mixed terrain. Three UIAA grade V pitches brought them to much easier ground  on the South East face, and then to the summit, which they reached on 21 September 2014.

Shortly before climbing Kharagosa, the team had made the first ascent of the previously unnamed peak Shiepra. They subsequently made the first ascent of the East Pillar of Kishtwar Shivling.

  • Kharagosa (5840m)
    Kharagosa (5840m) | Thomas Senf
  • Kharagosa - Pinky
    Kharagosa - Pinky | Thomas Senf

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Mountain Facts

Kharagosa, Kishtwar, Jammu and Kashmir , India

The map location of this peak is uncertain


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