Kang Nachugo (East Summit) - Monsoon - 2013

Santiago Padros and Domen Kastelic made the first ascent of the Southwest Face of Kang Nachugo East, in Nepal's Rolwaling Himalaya, on 22 October 2012

Kang Nachugo (East Summit) ( 6640m )

First ascent of Monsoon

Himalaya, Rolwaling Nepal

1500m, 75º

22 October 2013

Climbed by Santi Padros, Domen Kastelic

Santiago Padros from Spain and Domen Kastelic from Slovenia have made the first ascent of the southwest face of Kang Nachugo in the Rolwaling Valley of Nepal. They reached the East Summit (6640m) on 22 October 2013, on their second day of climbing, but did not continue to the main summit (6735m), some distance away along an exposed ridge. They called their route Monsoon.

The face had been attempted by David Gottlieb and Joseph Puryear in 2008. They reached about 6400m before bad weather forced them to descend. they subsequently climbed the mountain's west ridge, making the first - and so far the only - ascent of the main summit of Kang Nachugo.

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Mountain Facts

Kang Nachugo (East Summit), Rolwaling, Nepal

N 27° 54′ 14.4792″ W 86° 26′ 36.0852″

Elevation: 6640m

Kang Nachugo (East Summit) on the map

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