K7 - East Face - 2012

Hayden Kennedy, Kyle Dempster and Urban Novak climb a new route on the east face of K7 (Karakoram range, Pakistan).

K7 ( 6934m )

First ascent of East Face

Karakoram, Pakistan

20 July 2012

Climbed by Hayden Kennedy, Kyle Dempster, Urban Novak

Hayden Kennedy , Kyle Dempster and Urban Novak made the first ascent of the east face of K7 in a 49 hour single push, with one bivouac on the face.

The lower part of the route involved many steep pitches of "perfect" ice and multiple sections of technical mixed terrain.  Higher on the route conditions deteriorated, with some pitches  involving waist-deep snow. The route finished up  a 200m snowfield, where the snow was again wait-deep. The climbers reached the summit in a white-out.

They then climbers descended by abseiling down the route. The descent took 10 years and relied heavily on V-thread anchors.

"The process of climbing K7 was where we found our fulfillment, most specifically climbing with our Slovenian friend and his calm wisdom when the shit was hitting the fan." - Kyle Dempster and Hayden Kennedy

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Mountain Facts

K7, Gilgit-Baltistan , Pakistan

N 35° 27′ 52.506″ W 76° 34′ 32.6532″

Elevation: 6934m

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