Jongsong - east-northeast spur - 2012

Pradeep Sahoo, Ang Dorji Sherpa and Phurba Sherpa have climbed Mt Jongsong (7462m), on the joint frontier of India, Nepal and Tibet (China) - the third time Jongsong has been climbed - via a new route up the mountain's east-northeast spur

Jongsong ( 7462m )

First ascent of east-northeast spur

Himalaya, India

30 September 2012

Climbed by Pradeep Sahoo, Ang Dorji Sherpa, Purba Sherpa

Other members of the expedition: Rajeev Mondal, Dawa Sherpa

Jongsong is the "three countries" peak, standing where the frontiers of India, Tibet (China) and Nepal meet. Because of this, mountaineering access has so far been severely restricted by political considerations.

Climbers from an expedition organised by the Himalayan Club Kolkata Section have reached the summit of Jonsang via the the Jongsang Glacier and the mountain's north-east spur

"The same night [29 September] Pradeep Sahoo (Leader) with Ang Dorji Sherpa and Phurba Sherpa benighted on the col below the eastern slopes of the summit ridge of Jongsong and on the morning of 30 September 2012, all three of them reached the summit of Jongsong Peak (7462 m) at 9.30 a.m."
Himalayan Club

This was the third ascent of Jonsong and, according to the Himalayan Club, was "most likely" the first ascent by the east-north-east spur.

Members of the expedition also climbed nearby Dome Khang

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Mountain Facts

Jongsong, Sikkim , India

N 27° 52′ 53.2416″ W 88° 8′ 8.574″

Elevation: 7462m

Jongsong on the map

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