Changuch - North West Ridge from Lawan Valley - 2009

First ascent of Changuch (6,322m) in the Indian Himalaya

First ascent of Changuch ( 6322m )

North West Ridge from Lawan Valley

Himalaya, India


9 June 2009

Climbed by Rob Jarvis, Martin Moran, Paul Guest, Luder Sain, Leon Winchester

Paul Guest, Luder Sain and Leon Winchester, led by guides Rob Jarvis and Martin Moran, have made the first ascent of Changuch, in Kumaon.

The mountain had repelled earlier attempts via Pindari Glacier to the north, but the expedition found a much easier approach via the Larwan Valley to the north.

The expedition's Indian liason officer, Luder Sain, was amongst those who reached the summit.

The expedition's original goal had been South Ridge of Nanda Devi East. Having found this to be beyond the resources of the expedition, they switched to Changuch.

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Mountain Facts

Changuch, India

N 30° 17′ 33.792″ W 80° 2′ 21.0372″

Elevation: 6322m

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