Arwa Spire - Fior di Vite - 2012

Roger Schäli and Simon Gietl make the first free ascent of the Fior di Vite route on the Arwa Spire, a peak in the Badrinath region of the Indian Himalaya.

Arwa Spire ( 6193m ) via Fior di Vite

Himalaya, India

800m, 90°, M5, 7a

28 September 2012

Climbed by Roger Schäli, Simon Gietl

Other members of the expedition: Frank Kretschmann, Andrea di Donato, Yuri Kato

Arwa Spire is a spectacular triple-summited rock and ice peak in the Western Garhwal, north of Badrinath.

Fior di Viti was first established with aid (90° VI+ and A2) by Schäli, Hasler and Harvey in 2002. Schäli returned in 2011 with Simon Gietl and cameraman Daniel Ahnen to attempt to climb the route free. But Daniel Ahnen fell into a crevasse at the start of the expedition. Schäli and Gietl spent five days trying to find him, without success. The expedition was then abandoned.

Schäli and Gietl returned in September 2012 and succeeded in making the first free ascent of the route.

  • Arwa Spire
    Arwa Spire
    Frank Kretschmann
  • Arwa Spire, Fior di Viti Topo
    Arwa Spire, Fior di Viti Topo
    Archiv Roger Schäli
  • Arwa Spire
    Arwa Spire
    Frank Kretschmann
  • Arwa Spire
    Arwa Spire
    Archiv Roger Schäli

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Mountain Facts

Arwa Spire, India

N 30° 52′ 32.8764″ W 79° 16′ 50.8728″

Elevation: 6193m

Arwa Spire on the map

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RIP Daniel............

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