Punch-up on Everest


The Nepal-based Himalaya Times is today reporting that three foreign climbers have been "thrashed" by Sherpas while climbing between camps 2 and 3 on Everest. Two of the climbers are named as "Simboli Moro" - presumably Simone Moro - and "Wool Stick" - presumably Ueli Steck. The third climber isn't named. Nor are the Sherpas involved in the incident. Despite the quaint spelling of the climbers' names, the report is plainly not meant to be satirical. The climbers are said to have sustained "minor injuries in the attack following a minor dispute with the Nepali Sherpa guides" and to have returned to base camp.

There is as yet no confirmation of this report from other sources.

Simone Moro and Ueli Steck - two of Europe's leading climbers - are attempting a new route on Everest and are accompanied on their expedition by photographer Jon Griffith. They have not yet disclosed the line of their intended route, which they are attempting without supplementary oxygen. 

The Himalaya Times reports Sitaram Karki, Chief District Officer of SoluKhumbu, as saying:

"It is out of our reach due to the distance. We have received the news that the foreigners were thrashed and that we will deploy our team immediately to investigate the case."


Everest incident

There's a now more detailed report on UKclimbing

"Jon Griffith, Ueli Steck and Simone Moro have been attacked by Sherpas on Everest. Steck has a bloody lip from a rock thrown in his face and Griffith and Moro have suffered bruising from being punched and kicked. All three were threatened with death...."

"...The three climbers feel that they don't believe that their actions were the reasons behind such a mass attack. They believe that the reaction was from a far more deep rooted and long term problem, which is the way that Nepalis feel treated by Westerners on the mountain and this was a uprising against that. The three climbers are completely independent and not part of any commercial expedition."

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